Connecting to speak during the

WORLDMIKEL English Conversation Practice Webcast


Definition of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)  会 话发起协议的 定义   定 義されてセッ ション開 始プ ロトコルの
Definition of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)  定 义的IP电 话   VoIP の定 義

Chinese Help for Paltalk:

Chinese Help for Talkshoe:

Chinese Help for Xlite SIP Phone


Go directly to this Talkshoe Support page or scroll through it in the following frame:

An ALTERNATIVE method --

Talkshoe uses the SIP protocol to connect voice for the Live chats. To call-in and participate in the conversation follow these --

4 main steps:

  • SIP account

  • SIP phone client software

  • Install and Configure

  • Call-in to Talkshoe during webcast

1. Get FREE SIP account at IDEASIP.COM

Click here:


2. Get latest FREE X-lite SIP phone client software

Click here:


3. Install it using the information that IDEASIP.COM sends to your email account.

ideasip email

When you install X-Lite and then open it, go to the top menu and click "Softphone" and then "Account Settings"

x-lite sip menu

The "SIP Account" panel appears.

Check boxes to be as in this photo.
Fill in the lines with your info:

USER ID: <Username from email>


Password:  <the one for your account>

Display name:  <YOUR NAME GOES HERE>

Authorization name: <Authentication User Number from email>

Proxy  Address:

x-lite sip account

4. Use X-Lite to call in to the Talkshoe webcast.

To call-in to the TalkShoe webcast, have the Keypad accessible.

Then put this string in the blank next to the

telephone icons:


When they answer, they'll want you to dial-in
the "CALL ID" and the "#". The current
CALL ID for the cast would be put in like this:


Then they'll ask for your TalkShoe

10-digit PIN number that you gave to

TalkShoe when you downloaded and installed

"TalkShoe Live Pro". You enter that followed

by the "#" and you're connected to the cast.

This is a little complicated, but it is still not
brain surgery or rocket science. It appears to
be worth the effort to install it.

Other SIP phone software is listed with links at Wikipedia:

Our WORLDMIKEL Skypecast refugees
have washed ashore and pitched a tent
at TalkShoe.

After some relatively good success and the
help of GUESSED, Kouji, Englishka,
Samuel, Jellybean and others, we've
become gifted amateurs at how to connect
and get some reasonable sound quality
on TalkShoe.

You can easily come to listen from the
widget on the WORLDMIKEL home page
or go direct to this address:

TalkShoe has provided some directions:

Step-By-Step TalkShoe Instructions

Remember Skype's terrible Heartbeat page?
TalkShoe has a good method to report STATUS:

To participate and assure you'll be heard
with reasonable audio quality, you should
use the various directions to install a SIP

This assumes that you've installed
"TalkShoe Live Pro" here:
which should be self-explanatory.
The "Shoe Phone" inside the
"TalkShoe Live Pro" window doesn't
work so well. The text chat and other functions
work well enough, but for voice, that part lacks
quality. To workaround this, we've had
success installing the previously talked
about SIP VOIP programs.

See you on TALKSHOE!